Meanings Of Colors – Part 2: Creative Color Palette


In the previous part of our „Understanding the meaning of Colors on Websites” series, we discussed basic colors and their impact on users. Now, it’s time to delve into a more creative color palette that can add a unique character to your website.

Examples of colors

Mint Cream #F5FFFA

A light green shade that makes the page feel friendly and fresh.

Lemon Dawn #FFFACD

A bright yellow shade symbolizing joy and optimism.

Lavender Mist #D8BFD8

 A gentle purple shade with a soothing and subtle influence.

Blue Aura #ADD8E6

A light blue shade associated with clear skies.

Lilac Shade #E6E6FA

A delicate, light purple that adds tranquility and romance.

Whispering Blue #B0C4DE

A light blue shade that adds lightness and elegance.

Plum Sunset #DDA0DD

 A delicate plum color that adds delicacy and elegance.

Golden Sand #EAC086

A subtle, golden hue associated with luxury and elegance.

Chestnut Garden #BC8F8F

A warm brown shade that makes the page feel more earthy and cozy.

Raspberry Bliss #D16A88

An intense pink shade that can add courage and sensuality.

Turquoise Dream #48D1CC

A bright turquoise shade reminiscent of tropical paradises.

Turquoise Lagoon #00CED1

This shade of blue-green resembles the waters of a lagoon, adding a sense of freshness and tranquility.

Coral Climate #FF6B6B

An intense shade of red that exudes energy and passion.

Pearl Pink #FF69B4

A shade of pink that adds delicacy and femininity.

Lemon Zest #FFF700

A bright and vibrant shade of yellow symbolizing happiness and positivity.

Emerald Greenery #008000

An intense green shade associated with nature and freshness.

Autumn Maple #D2691E

A warm shade of orange reminiscent of autumn colors.

Violet-Blue Dream #8A2BE2

An intense shade of purple with a touch of blue, symbolizing creativity and mystery.

Midnight Navy #191970

A deep navy hue that conveys elegance and mystery.

Midnight Velvet #2E0854

A deep, rich shade of purple that exudes sophistication and luxury.


These examples of colors can serve as inspiration for creating a personalized color palette for your website. Remember that the appropriate use of colors can significantly impact how users perceive content and their emotions, so it’s worth taking the time to carefully choose colors for your project.